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Anti-Spam Procedure

(This anti-spam procedure applies to our clients)

Octagent exclusively supports permission-based marketing. Octagent does not tolerate any unsolicited email (SPAM) sending activities. If you have knowledge or suspicion of any such violation, please contact our customer service so that we can promptly investigate the case.

SPAM = unsolicited email

SPAM refers to unsolicited commercial (advertising) emails or emails sent in bulk that the recipient did not request. SPAM is intrusive, inappropriate, and often aggressive in nature.

If email statistics indicate that recipients on a mailing list receive the same content multiple times in a day, it is also considered unsolicited email.

Email Sending Rules at Octagent

To ensure that Octagent users can easily comply with applicable laws and international practices, we have outlined the minimum requirements for email sending with Octagent in the following document: Minimum Requirements for Email Sending with Octagent.

Every campaign-like email must include an unsubscribe link at the end of the email, which is mandatory within the Octagent system.

How Octagent Defends Against Unsolicited Email Sending?

All Octagent users must adhere to the terms outlined in the Octagent Service Agreement.

The agreement clearly specifies our rules regarding spam in the Rules of Use section.

(1) Regarding email sending, the Contractor declares that: (a) They do not send unsolicited commercial emails for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Unsolicited email refers to sending emails to a recipient who has not given a declaration of consent for sending emails to them before the first email is sent to them. This includes deceptive, misleading content, especially if the recipient gives the impression that the email comes from a known third party different from the sender. The procedure to be followed in case of a violation of anti-spam rules is detailed on the website.

Octagent users also agree that the unsubscribe link must be included in every outgoing email, except when the legal basis for data processing allows otherwise.

When someone unsubscribes from an email list, the Octagent system automatically sets them to unsubscribed status. From then on, the system does not send emails to that person on the specific email list.

Responding to Complaints about Unsolicited Emails

When we receive a complaint about unsolicited email sent by an Octagent user, we immediately begin investigating the complaint.

Procedure for Investigations of Unsolicited Email Sending

If there is suspicion of unsolicited email sending, and in the initial steps of the investigation, it seems to confirm that an Octagent user is sending unsolicited emails, the following steps are taken:

  • We suspend the user's account.
  • We inform the user about the suspension and its reasons, as well as the necessary measures.
  • If the user indicates that they have taken the necessary measures, we examine whether this is indeed the case.
  • If the user has taken the necessary measures, we reactivate the user's account.

Procedure for Unsolicited Email Sending and Poor List Management Practices

If there is suspicion of unsolicited email sending by an Octagent user, but it cannot be clearly determined, but it is proven that the user is at least applying poor list management practices, the following procedure is applied.

  • We inform the user about the suspicion of unsolicited email sending/poor list management and the necessary measures.
  • If the user does not cooperate, or the practice is repeated, we suspend the account.
  • If the user indicates that they have taken the necessary measures, we examine whether this is indeed the case.
  • If the user has taken the necessary measures, we reactivate the user's account; otherwise, we close the case.

Contract Termination

If it is necessary to suspend an Octagent account for the second time due to suspicion of unsolicited email sending or poor list management practices, Octagent terminates the user's contract with immediate effect due to serious contract violations.

How to Avoid Even the Suspicion of Sending Unsolicited Emails?

Consider the following:

  • Did you import a purchased list into the system?
  • Do you send emails to recipients who did not explicitly subscribe to that communication?
  • Do you send emails with a false or misleading sender?
  • Do you use email addresses obtained from third parties without their permission?
  • Does the subject of the sent email contain false or misleading information?
  • Does the email lack an unsubscribe link?
  • Does the email fail to clearly identify the sender?
  • Have you not communicated with subscribers for a long time?
  • Did you switch to Octagent after using a newsletter sender or CRM software that did not adequately handle email bounces or unsubscribes?

Do you think you receive SPAM emails?

  • Use the unsubscribe link in the email for immediate removal from the list.
  • Forward the unsolicited email to and attach any other information you think may help with the investigation. IMPORTANT: If you do not forward the email you believe to be unsolicited, we cannot conduct the investigation, and we won't be able to determine which user you want to unsubscribe from.

Octagent and its partners take compliance with permission-based marketing very seriously. Thank you for helping us enforce this practice as widely as possible, and for reading our anti-SPAM procedures!

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